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Speciality Breads

Tomato and Basil
This started our range and is a deliciously moist combination of tomato and white flour, olive oil and basil. Some people use it with pasta but it is very often that children like it as an alternative to white or wholemeal. We think it is just divine with butter and make rolls with the same mix, for your convenience for mopping up sauce.

Rusty Special
If your name is Rusbridge, someone, somewhere will call you “Rusty”! So it is with Rob’s signature bread that we add raisins and pecans to our tomato based bread and create a deliciously addictive bread that is particularly good with cheese and a glass of wine (these are both optional!).

Italian Herb
This is white bread based with added rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and marjoram as herbs combining with garlic and olive oil to become a really tasty bread that compliments soups, pasta, makes a super pizza base, unusual stuffing and even great croutons. Also

Olive and Garlic
We combine pitted black olives, garlic and olive oil with our white bread to make a bread that is very popular in the winter with soup and with salads and cheeses in the summer. Chris uses  it crumbed as a coating for chicken fillets or pork chops, as a base for stuffings and delicious little croutons.

Pantique Bread
We combine spelt, rye, eller and einkorn to make the base and add dates, apricots, or hazelnuts (we just love to experiment) and is especially delicious with the seasonal cranberry and cobnut.

Southborough Seedy 

Sunflower, Pumpkin, Linseed, Sesame, Chia and Poppy seeds are added to a flour mix of rye, wholemeal and dark malted meal to create a loaf that is magic in it's taste and keeping qualities and so helpful to your digestive system being low G.I.                                                               

Spelt Bread
This bread has really become hugely popular particularly amongst those people who get a bloated feeling after eating bread. It is made with wholemeal spelt flour and is recommended for those with a gluten intolerance but NOT an allergy.  Kibbled Rye grains give this bread a super "bite" and delicious taste.



Walnut Bread

Made with a white flour base and offering a tasty, obviously nutty bread that makes a superb addition to after dinner cheeseboards, soup lunches and unusual sandwiches.  This is a popular favourite, regularly enjoyed by many customers.



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