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Celebrating 40 years
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Our History

Rusbridge Family Bakery is a third generation bakery business, committed to quality and in August 2013 celebrates 40 years in Southborough!

When the Cadena Cafe/Bakery that was in Mount Pleasant closed in 1967, Mr John Temple the Bakery Manager, bought a small craft bakery in Silverdale Road, Tunbridge Wells to run it with his wife, Eileen. After a short time of getting busier and busier, they were joined in 1968 by their daughter Chris and son-in-law Mike and in order to make it a truly family business, in 1970 their son Garth and just a few years later their other daughter, Yvonne, joined them.

This started what is now the Rusbridge Family Bakery at 53, London Road in Southborough, Kent, as in 1973 that was added to the premises that the business operated from.

As they grew old enough, firstly Mike and Chris’s eldest son Robert joined and completed his Bakery Apprenticeship followed by younger son Richard who then spent some time developing his management skills before returning; even third son Iain had a spell of learning to bake “the Rusbridge Way”! Their daughter, Victoria, naturally had her turn of being Saturday girl.

Thus, family is at the heart of everything that the business is and does, with care and quality in every product being very important to us all.

So that is who we are and with that in mind, Chrissie, Robert and Richard welcome you to view what we do and where we do it!

Keep your eye on us, there will be details of our Celebration!!


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